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Originally a in-house restaurant in the Royal Phuket City Hotel, ‘Good Eatz 154’ has expanded to become a full restaurant as well as a beverage that offers fusion dishes which combine the best of asian and european.

Situated in the Royal Phuket City Hotel, A great choice of hotel in Phuket town, ‘Good Eatz 154’ is a popular place for fine casual lunch, coffee, sweets and fine dining restaurant for family and friends.

‘Good Eatz 154’ is a trendy yet casual restaurant that is ideal for a quick snack or a meal. With reasonable prices and good food, it is a frequent stop for locals.

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Thai & Chinese Cuisine

The simply best and delicious Chinese Food with the touch of fresh local ingredients, our chef introduces Szechwan style Chinese cuisine from the Szechwan Province of the South-Western China. The Szechwan style cuisine is famous for its bold flavors and unique aromatic spice due to a proficient use of garlic and chili peppers.

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Drinks & Desserts

From a small cake outlet in the Royal Phuket City Hotel, 154 Bakery has expanded to become a full bakery shop that offers baked and bread with an authentic delicacies.

154 Bakery ~ The Phuket renowed since 1994 that is ideal for serve cakes, baked, bread or customize birthday cake from order. With reasonable prices and delivery, it is a frequent stop for locals Phuket.

Good Eatz 154 Restaurant
Good Eatz 154 Restaurant

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